The Epiphany of Gliese 581

A linguist, a chemist, and a comparative psychologist explore the ruins of a dead superintelligence. 26k words. Inspired by Orion's Arm and the works of David Zindell.

You can download it as a PDF or an EPUB, or read it online below.



“strange and new” — whenwerewe

“startlingly excellent” — Anthony

“strong vibes of [Greg Egan], but in the form of more poetry and wistfulness” — Brandon

“one of the best scifi novellas I've read in a while” — Matt Parlmer

“This is excellent. The story is beautiful, the world feels real, and your style of prose is scratches an itch I didn't know I had.” — Adam

“the best thing I've read in a while” — @ch1n3du3

“I enjoyed this immensely” — @VitaeKate