February Updates

At the beginning of the month, loading a regular article set off this chain of requests:

Web inspector loading an article, before the changes

First, Font Awesome, which was used to render two useless icons in the footer, has been removed and the footer simplified. Second, the CSS file for syntax highlighting is now served with main.css to reduce the number of requests. Finally, jQuery and a number of things I’m not using were removed.

After the overhaul, we get a much better picture:

Web inspector loading an article, after the changes

I’m thinking either one of Lusitana or Inconsolata has got to go, because it’s unconscionable to transmit tens of kilobytes halfway across the world just to render my OOP vs. FP drivel and Lisp rants with pretentious hipster serifs.

Additionally, the State of the Common Lisp Ecosystem article, which formerly had its own set of CSS files and some JS code for generating graphs, was completely overhauled. It’s now a perfectly ordinary article with a little bit of CSS at the end to style the boxes with recommendations. The article-specific assets were removed for two reasons:

And finally, I removed Google Analytics. It wasn’t useful for day-to-day operation, I hardly ever checked it, and there’s no justification for adding yet another eye to the panopticon just so I can look at a chart every few months.

Next up, probably: fixing the glaring lack of TLS.